It is with mixed emotion that I announce the next phase in my practice of medicine.  I have accepted a position in the medical education department of Lafayette General Hospital.  My primary role will involve supervision and education of the Louisiana State University students and University Hospital & Clinic residents while on their obstetrics rotation.  I will also have a clinic one-half to one day per week at UHC to see patients for gynecologic and gynecological surgical care.  This will allow current patients who desire to remain in the practice to do so.  I am truly grateful for the many past and present patients I have had the opportunity to care for. It was with long and careful thought and the advice of friends, family, and colleagues that I reached the conclusion that this career change was appropriate and timely.

Unfortunately, this move requires me to close my current office, and this decision was very difficult.  I cannot adequately thank Stacy, Jamie and Raquel who work tirelessly and with unending enthusiasm to care for the patients we see.  I also must thank all those who worked with me in the past and contributed to the wonderful care we were able to provide.  I could not have seen even one patient without their help and support.

We will continue to see patients in the current office, providing obstetric and gynecologic services through November 20, 2019 and the office will close November 30, 2019.  For currently pregnant patients, I am able to care for you through the pregnancy, delivery and postpartum period.  Those who will deliver by January 1, 2020 will have the option to deliver at Lafayette General Hospital or Our Lady of Lourdes Women’s and Children’s Hospital and deliveries after January 1, 2020 will occur at Lafayette General Hospital.  Office visits after November 30, 2019 will be at University Hospital & Clinic at 2390 West Congress Street, Lafayette, LA 70506.   Details will be provided during October visits, or via messaging through our online portal.  For those who remain in the practice for routine gynecologic and gynecologic surgical care, we will transition to the clinic at University Hospital & Clinic on December 1, 2019.  This clinic will be a private clinic and will not involve teaching, students or residents.  You will receive the same individual attention you have become accustomed to over the past nineteen years.  For those who desire to transition care to another provider, records can be provided or transferred with appropriate signed consent.  Although I will be sad to see anyone transfer care, I understand that personal needs or circumstances may require a move and I wish you the best. We ask that phone calls to the office be reserved for questions related to appointments or medical concerns to avoid interruption to normal services.  As always, I am available to assist in any way I can.  Please work with us in this transition as we strive to provide efficient services while meeting the needs of our patients.



Frank Caillet, M.D.